New Page and New Font.

Hello. It's Friday and we have a new page of Dick Uppercut. Now I recently changed the font on this comic and I really think it looks pretty good. I'm gonna keep it. Probably going to use it in Catastrophy here in the coming weeks as we get on with some new pages. Hope you likes it.

twatt ch3 0010.jpg

Hey everyone happy Friday.

This week we have a new page of Catastrophy

Catastrophy ch2 003.jpg

Hello again everyone.

New page of Dick Uppercut this week.

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This week's page

This week we have a new page of Catatrophy. Hope you like it.

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New page up

We got a new page of Dick Uppercut up.

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New page of Catastrophy

Hi everyone. this week we start a new chapter of Catastrophy

Catastrophy ch2 001.jpg

New page for this week

Hello once again or for the first time. This week we have a page of Dick Uppercut

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New Catastrophy this week

Hello everyone. This week we have the last page of our first Catastrophy chapter. I hope you have been enjoying the story so far.


New page!

We got a new page of Dick Uppercut this week.

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New page up

This week we have a new page of Catastrophy of course.


This week's new page

Another week another page. Lets keep this train rollin'.

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New page of Catastrophy

Joe finishes his transformation in this splash page.


Update page. Yay.

New page of Dick Uppercut this week.

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New page day!

Hello once again. This week we have us a new page of Catastrophy.


New page of Dick Uppercut this week

Hello, yikes I barely got this one done today, but here it is.

twatt ch3 003.jpg


This week!

This week we have another page of Catastrophy.


Back Again for the new year.

Hello everyone. We're finally back after the holidays with a new page. I hope everybody had a fun and safe time these last couple weeks. Now on to the page.

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This week's page

Hello everyone and Merry Christmas. Or whatever it is you may be celebrating this time of year. I say that now because next week we will not have a new page up. This week we do and it is Catastrophy. I hope you like it.


Dick Uppercut update

This week we start chapter 3 of our ongoing tale of Dick Uppercut.

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Well we're back!

Hello everybody. After taking the week off we are back. Looks like we were having a few issues while we were away but it's all fixed now and we have a new page of Catastrophy up. Check it out.


This week's update

Hello everyone. This week we have the end of Dick Uppercut chapter 2. Now Next week we may not have an update since it's thanksgiving week. Pretty busy that week. 

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Newest update!

Hello once again or for the first time. This week we have a new page of Catastrophy.


This week's update

This week we have a new page of Dick Uppercut. Yay.

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Update time of the week

Hello once again again. This week we have a new page of Catastrophy


This week's new page.

Hello everyone and welcome back for the weekly update. This week it's page 9 of Chapter two of Dick Uppercut.

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New week New page of Catastrophy

Hello every buddy! This week we have a new page of Catastrophy!


Update for the week

Hello. We got a new page of Dick Uppercut this week.

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New week New page.

Yup new page. Catastrophy this week


Well, we managed to get another page up.

Hello hello, take a gander at this new page of Dick Uppercut this week.

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New page of Catastrophy

Hello everyone who comes here to check stuff out. We got page 18 of Catastrophy this week. So please enjoy.


Dick Uppercut update this week.

Another week and another page. The story continues...

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New page of Catastrophy

So our guys got put in jail. They so crazy.


New week. New page.

Hello everyone and welcome back. This week we have a new page of Dick Uppercut.

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This week we have Catastrophy.

Hey you're back. This week we have Catastrophy page 16. 


Got a new Dick Uppercut page this week

Dick Uppercut. Chapter 2 page 4. Hope everyone is enjoying the story.

twatt ch2 004.jpg

Alrighty, page 15

Howdy, page 15 of Catastrophy this week. Hope ya like it.


Dick Uppercut this week

Another page from Dick Uppercut. Probably not going to color these anytime soon. Just not enough time to do it with work and drawing the pages. Maybe next chapter we can give it a try but this chapter will just be black and white.

twatt ch2 003.jpg

Catastrophy page 14

In this week's exciting update our heroes step out of a bar and find their car.


New Page of Dick Uppercut

Hello everyone. This week we have a new page of Dick Uppercut. We also introduce a new character! Check it out.

twatt ch2 002.jpg

Catastrophy Page.

This week we have a new page of Catastrophy. What's the first thing I think about when I lose a job? Well, If I ever lose a job. Drinking. Never mind my financial stability. Let's hit the bar and celebrate getting fired. We'll worry about paying bills tomorrow. Someone might discourage this type of irresponsibility but hey, who are we to judge how people cope with stuff. Just as long as it doesn't lead to alcoholism I guess. Anyway here's that page.


Today We start chapter 2

That's right the first page of chapter two in our Dick Uppercut story. Now I really haven't had time to color lately so things look a little different in Dick Uppercut. Maybe one of these days I'll be able to go back and make everything more awesome, but until then we'll keep a focus on getting pages up and enjoying the story. I would like to thank everyone for their support however and hope to continue to entertain you all with our stories which I hope you are enjoying as much as we do making it happen every week. Now on to the page! Happy Independence Day to all our friends in The United States.

twatt ch2 001.jpg

Once again...a page.

Alrighty, well we finished the first chapter of Dick Uppercut last week. This week we get another Catastrophy page. We can't break the pattern now, right? So yeah. Lets keep this thang goin'.


End of Chapter One

Today we get to the end of our first chapter of Dick Uppercut. Hope you've been enjoying it.


Happy Summer time!

Howdy everybody. It's summer time and it's getting hot. Here's a hot new page.


Got somethin' that might interest ya. Stranger.

Yeah I know Resident Evil 4 was a while ago but I still like making references to that game. Really was a fun one. Speaking of fun we got another page of Dick Uppercut this week. I would also like to share this awesome video I saw just the other day. Take a look. It is amazing.


Catastrophy Page 10

Hello welcome again. This week is Catastrophy week. Check it out.


Still Rollin'

Hey everyone that comes here to check out my webcomics. Got a page of Dick Uppercut up.


This week's Page.

Welcome once again. This week we have page 9 of Catastrophy.


Seal Webcomics! Yeah!

New page of Dick Uppercut this week. 


Catastrophy page 8

Wow 8 pages. Doesn't seem like much when I think about it. Of course we are doing two web comics and alternating week by week. Someday when I can do this more often we'll get a nicer update schedule like twice a week or three times a week. For now though I just hope someone is reading it. Mostly I hope you're enjoying the story that's coming together. Now here we go.


This Week!

We got us another page of Dick Uppercut. Aww yeah.


New Catastrophy page

That's right. Another page of Catastrophy. The plot thickens...


This week's page.

Another Dick Uppercut page this week. Lot of fun drawing old cars. I like the curves they used to have. Kinda makes me wish cars these days had some of these designs.


This week on Seal Webcomics

We got another Catastrophy page up this week. 


Hey we got 5 pages up.

That's right 5 whole pages of Dick Uppercut. Well that's this week's update. I was actually a little concerned if I would get this up in time. Just a busy. Know what I haven't done in a while? I haven't posted anything on tumblr. Maybe I should do that. Here's that page by the way.


This Week's Update.

We got another page of Catastrophy up this week. Once again thank you for visiting and checking out the webcomics. I'm having a lot of fun making these and I hope you're enjoying the content every week. . 


Another week another page.

This week we have another page of Dick Uppercut. I know I haven't updated the Ogre Wars stuff yet but that's because I'm working on it. When I can. It just takes a little longer to do that one. With colors and then 3D-atizing it and all. Plus it's March. There is plenty of Catastrophy and Dick Uppercut coming though. Speaking of...


New page up!

Alright another page of Catastrophy this week. Crazy week mind you. It was kind of difficult to get any drawing done for sure, being all sick and stuff. Mostly the and stuff though. Then again lots of Monster Hunting to do right? Oh yeah here's that page you may have been looking for.


This week's page

Got another page of Dick Uppercut this week. 


Another page of Catastrophy this week.

Hello folks. When I originally did this one it was meant for a two page spread sorta thing. So technically it's two pages instead of one. Bonus! Right? Like having two updates this week. In a way that looks like one. Never mind. Here is this week's page(s).


Newest thing is up.

In honor of the new 3DS comming out this week I've decided to post a 3D comic page today. I'm feeling pretty ambitious about this one and hope it goes well. It's called Ogre Wars. It's a project I've been meaning to put together for sometime and with the ability to offer it in 3D I got excited and did the first page. I hope you like it. Touch the image while in the 3DS browser to see it in 3D.

3ds ogre war left.png

New page up.

Howdy howdy. I know it's a little different doing two comics and updating only once a week. It breaks up the rhythm of how it reads. Then again it is also in a comic book format so page to page even being a day apart seems unnatural to read. To me anyway but hey, if Dr Mcninja and AxeCop can make it work I can try with my insanity. I hope to one day be able to do more. Everyday would be rad or at least three times a week would be nice. We'll see what the future holds. Until then I'll try to keep this weekly. Of course with your help I could get more done. So show your support and buy a shirt or something. Buy a lot of them even. Now this week's page!


Hey look at that. Another update.

Well two weeks in a row. It's like I'm taking this seriously now. But seriously, I got content lined up so I should be able to keep these coming for a while. This week we have the first page of Catastrophy. I want to thank everybody for their support. Had a lot of good comments from friends and family so I hope you like it as much as we do.


We have an update.

Well I know it has been a very long time since the last time I did one of these. But I have an excuse. I've been working on a bunch of stuff. Now I'm back. We're planning to make this a weekly thing now though. With a little luck and some support this should start looking like a real webcomic site soon. Now onto the update.

1st page of Dick Uppercut