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Sometimes the world needs a hero. When peace and justice must be intertwined that's when the Seal appears and takes covert action. Recently declassified accounts have been put into webcomic format in order to shed light on some mysteries once considered merely conspiracy theory.


What Needs to Be Invented. Join a mad scientist and his reluctant assistant in their adventures as they attempt to give the world what it truly needs. It's science and we don't need to know how it works we just know we need it.



It's time for Noir, but not everything is black and white. Private investigator Dick Uppercut is on the case. No matter how hard boiled it gets out there he will see it through. As long as the pay is right.



Space. Who doesn't love space and sci-fi. Join a couple of astronauts and their friends on an adventure full of surprises, space travel, and probably some pretty cool space battles and bar fights.