Contact Me?

So if you really really are trying to get in contact with us here at Seal Webcomics there are a few ways to do it.

Email: is our email. We get a lot of spam so make sure to title your email in a way that doesn't look like spam if you want us to read it. Seriously, a lot of spam.

Face book: Yes we have a Face Book page. I think most of the world is on face book. So I dunno, like it if you do. I'll understand if you don't. We don't post a lot on it 'cause honestly most stuff gets lost in the wave of updates from your 100's of friends and follows and Candy crap anyway. It is another way to contact us though.

Twitter: Seal Webcomics twitter is around if you want to follow us there.

Tumblr: This is a fun place. We occasionally will post some art here that doesn't make it to Seal Webcomics. So if you want to check out the Seal Webcomics tumblr totally go for it. Plus you can comment and like and re-post or whatever.